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Diakonia Christian Foundation was established by the Reformed Eparhy from Transylvania with the centre in Cluj (Klausenburg). In November 2002 started the activity its first branch in the town of Sfantu Gheorghe which began the socio-medical home care activity in the town and the surrounding villages.


Diakonia Christian Foundation, Targu-Mures Branch is functioning since February 2006. The establishment of Tirgu-Mures branch was necessary because: 1. the developing of  the activity of the foundation, 2.  since 1992 in Tirgu-Mures is functioning a Nurse School founded by the reformed church. The office of the branch is situated in Bod Peter Charity and Educational Centre.


Our activity is focused basically on home care, but near this basic home care activity Diakonia Foundation from Tirgu-Mures have realized other successes as well: mobilization of the pupils from the Nurse School, postgraduate trainings, administration of other programs.


After more than three years of activity in our home care service program entitled: Home care service for Tîrgu-Mureş region, today we have about one hundred registered patients in Tîrgu-Mureş town and close to 300 persons from different localities of the county, due to the activities from four working points near Tîrgu-Mureş established in the following localities: Paingeni, Ernei, Pasareni, Santana de Mures. We will open the fifth working point two months later.


Near the frequently visited persons we have also a large number of occasional patients, some of them receiving curative activities based on the contract with Health Insurance Authority, Mures county. We also mention that Diakonia Christian Foundation, Tirgu-Mures branch have had organized postgraduate course for unemployed women and training courses for nurses with the topic of home care and other medical themes.


The socio-medical assistance at the home of the patients is done by professional nurses and social workers. There are offered the following services, activities: continous home care services, regular social, medical and hygienic counseling and advising, medical assistance according to the doctors` prescription, social assistance according to the needs, spiritual support and pastoral care.


Mures branch enlarged its activity by starting other two new programs inside the foundation. We can mention that inside Diakonia Christian Foundation it was formed a group which members are psychologists, doctors, priests, social workers etc. as volunteers, and we started a new project dedicated to persons who needs familial support. This so called “self helping group” became independent in the past.


The second new program, the health prevention and promotion program is based on preventive educational activities involving medical students and young doctors from Targu-Mures. There were organized meetings, lessons, discussions, training courses in Targu-Mures and in other localities with especially the next topics: cancer prevention, high blood pressure, diabetes, alcohol consumption, cigarette, healthy nutrition.


In order to realize our aims we have good collaboration with Bod Peter Charity and Educational Centre and the Reformed Diaconical Home. In the future we would like to maintain and according to the possibilities to enlarge our activities, and to realize the financial independence of our foundation.