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'Good Brother' Nursing Home, Cluj-Napoca Print E-mail

The term "nursing home" has a different meaning for each of us. Despite the fact that in today's world the presence of nursing homes is becoming more and more common; many people still have a negative attitude towards residing in one.

It is very important for the Diakonia foundation to portray a peaceful, welcoming, clean and friendly, family environment to all who meet us. The nursing home resident in many cases is confined to a building, a room or a bed, however they more importantly desire care and attention and this we provide for them.

The residents in our elderly homes are those elderly people who can no longer be cared for or nursed in their own home. Therefore we make an effort to offer appropriate conditions and quality nursing care.

It is the ambition of our foundation to care for our beneficiaries humanly in matters of hygiene, nutrition and quality of life. It is our desire for those in our care to enjoy a socially harmonious life appropriate to their sills and capabilities, and in spite of their physical and mental digression.

Every day we strive to establish a family atmosphere and we focus on the social, mobility, medical and emotional health of the beneficiaries. We try to keep them up-to-date with the incidents in the world and organize city walking excursions and sightseeing trips. In addition to this we maintain a partnership with the families, caretakers and friends of our residents.

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provided in our homes for the elderly

ë  24 hour supervision

ë  Provision of daily grooming, where necessary bed-bath

ë  Medication, dosage based on medical reports and requirements

ë  Primary medical care, palliative care for terminally ill patients

ë  3 meals, 2 snacks

ë  Grooming

ë  Massage and physiotherapy

ë  Telephone access

ë  Laundry

ë  Airing and cleaning of the rooms

ë  Social events and activities


Rezidential-Nursing Home “Good Brother”, Cluj-Napoca


Everyone’s desire is to spend their pensionary years in peace and care.

The “Good Brother” nursing home has been providing care since 2002, recognized under the Act of Socio-medical services. An open, pleasant and friendly atmosphere prevails, where relatives, volunteers and students in training aim to serve the needs of the residents.

In the nursing home we welcome elderly people over the age of 65-70 who would like to be residents of the home, patients in terminal stadium who need intensive medical attendance; or ill, old people who need temporary medical attendance.


The home offers both single and shared rooms for up to 18 residents.

For the comfort of the residents, the rooms are equipped with RC electric adjustable beds, TV, radio and bedside tables. With the help of their relatives, residents are encouraged to decorate their own rooms with personal belongings. This is especially important for patients with Alzheimer’s.

Bathrooms and hallways are equipped with mobility aids.

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  •          8 caregivers
  •         1 social worker with bachelor degree
  •          1 social care worker
  •          1 repairman
  •          International and local volunteers

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"It's the same way with the Son of Man. He didn't come so that others could serve him. He came to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many people." (Matthew 20,28)