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 Home Care Service



The aim of professional home care is that the patient is looked after in his home getting the personalized, humane medical attendance.

The beneficiaries of the home care service are people, who require complex care, but who do not yet require hospital treatment; they can be treated in their own homes. Thanks to this type of care the number and length of treatment and hospital stays can be decreased, and the healing process can also be improved.     

Our Home Care Service has been running since 1992. It has been acknowledged in February 2006 and since May 2006 the foundation has a contractual agreement with the Health insurance Cashier Office (Romanian CAS) what the medical attendance service concerns. According to this contract the patients may come in for 90 days/12 months of home care recommended by the hospital specialist doctor, the oncologist or the neurologist. The Home Care Service is provided financially by the Health Insurance Office.

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  • Our services are recommended and accredited by the relevant health and social services institutions and the Diakonia possesses a contractual agreement with the national health insurance.
  • Support is guaranteed through qualified medical and social work staff and also by volunteers who respond to the individual needs of the clients. 
  • The service offered to the patient is carried out on the basis of the specialist’s or doctor’s specifications.
  • Home care is free of charge in case the patient’s specialist doctor recommends it instead of referring him to hospital. The recommendation is enforced by an official, printed document.
  • In the instance of oncological and neurological cases the service is free of charge, however this depends on whether or not it will be reimbursed by the health insurance. 



Services offered

  •          Socio-medical treatment and care (primary care, wound dressing, pressure sores, dressing of leg ulcers, administration and monitoring of medication, intravenous, intramuscular medication, taking biological samples, monitoring of physiological parameters, etc.)
  •          Information and advice given on social assistance and rights
  •          Medical advice and counseling is available for patients and their families
  •          Hiring of medical and mobility equipment and aids




*       3 doctor

*       11 medical assistant

*       4 caregivers

*       3 social worker with bachelor degree

*       1 volunteer

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Beneficiaries (in 2013)

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Palliative Home Care


Where there is no chance of recovery, let us emphasize the quality of life!”

Cicely Saunders

Palliation/hospice means first of all the humane attendance of the patients who are in the last period of their illness, suffering from cancer or tumors with the help of a multidisciplinary team. The aim of the attendance is improving the quality of the patients’ life: to allay the spiritual and physical suffering, to encourage them in their physical and mental activity and help the relatives in bearing the burdens of the illness and mourning.

The palliative homecare and Hospice Service offers comprehensive medical, social and emotional care for patients and their families where the terminal illness is in an advanced or final stage.

This service started in 2007 thanks to the Scottish organization “SOMETHING FOR ROMANIA”. Since then it has been providing the patients suffering from cancer or other incurable diseases with medical attendance free of any charge who, additionally, are cast out of the “classical” health system. The Health Insurance Cashier Office has not acknowledged the palliative care yet as a separate eligible service. That is why it pays for only a small amount of our “pioneer” work.

The palliative care is carried out by a multidisciplinary team, by qualified physicians, health nurses, social workers, and home care staff. One of the aims of this small team, which is member of the National Assembly of the Palliative Care and the National Assembly of the Palliative Coalition, is to reach out for more and more patients, as well as represent this service on health and social, local and national level.

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Services offered

ë  Medical services provided in the home of the patient, pain relief and examination and treatment of other symptoms.

ë  Nursing care provided includes the spiritual and psycho -emotional areas of need.

ë  Support for the family of the patient, assisting them to face the illness and problems arising from the illness, also in the case of death providing support, practical information and care training

ë  Holding a service of rememberence with the family of the deceased one year after the death of their loved one.

ë  Training in palliative care.




Beneficiaries (in 2013)

  • 147 persons: 137in Cluj-Napoca, 8 in Bonţida and 2 in Săvădisla



Hospice patients between 2007 and 2013

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