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'Mother' Home, Mera Print E-mail

The term "nursing home" has a different meaning for each of us. Despite the fact that in today's world the presence of nursing homes is becoming more and more common; many people still have a negative attitude towards residing in one.

It is very important for the Diakonia foundation to portray a peaceful, welcoming, clean and friendly, family environment to all who meet us. The nursing home resident in many cases is confined to a building, a room or a bed, however they more importantly desire care and attention and this we provide for them.

The residents in our elderly homes are those elderly people who can no longer be cared for or nursed in their own home. Therefore we make an effort to offer appropriate conditions and quality nursing care.

It is the ambition of our foundation to care for our beneficiaries humanly in matters of hygiene, nutrition and quality of life. It is our desire for those in our care to enjoy a socially harmonious life appropriate to their sills and capabilities, and in spite of their physical and mental digression.

Every day we strive to establish a family atmosphere and we focus on the social, mobility, medical and emotional health of the beneficiaries. We try to keep them up-to-date with the incidents in the world and organize city walking excursions and sightseeing trips. In addition to this we maintain a partnership with the families, caretakers and friends of our residents.


Services provided in our homes for the elderly


ë  24 hour supervision

ë  Provision of daily grooming, where necessary bed-bath

ë  Medication, dosage based on medical reports and requirements

ë  Primary medical care, palliative care for terminally ill patients

ë  3 meals, 2 snacks

ë  Grooming

ë  Massage and physiotherapy

ë  Telephone access

ë  Laundry

ë  Airing and cleaning of the rooms

ë  Social events and activities


Rezidential-Nursing Home “Mamácska”, Mera


Mamacska 1


The “Mamácska” Home established in 2008 is a modern multi-generational house in Mera, 15 km from Cluj. The residents and their visitors fully enjoy the soothing, quiet charm of the rural environment where traditional crafts are still produced by the villagers.

Key concepts in our foundation are ‘active ageing’ and ‘intergenerational solidarity’   and both are an integral part of everyday life.  These aims are not constrained to the specific events held in the 2012 European Year, but also form a living bridge between different programs. Christian celebrations, birthdays, outings, summer and winter camps are held together for children from the educational program, young people in the volunteer program and those in nursing homes or the “Adopt a Granny” social program.




Mamacska 2 web


The home for twelve elderly has six rooms, each comfortably furnished for two. Each room has an ensuite bathroom, television, electronically adjustable beds and bedside tables. The rooms are located on the first floor with a terrace facing the inner courtyard.  The rooms open on to a long, bright and spacious hallway which is furnished with sofas and armchairs for those who have mobility difficulties. The terrace offers a quiet and safe place in spring, summer and autumn.

The main building and the renovated barn provide premises for the educational day-care centre for socially disadvantaged children. Thus these two programs can bring joy to each other and appreciate the benefits of each season of life, while respecting the need for each other’s personal space and recreational facilities. So the spacious ground floor dining hall has multifunctional purpose. At times it is used by the children and at times by the elderly. The kitchen is well equipped to European standards. Here the daily main meal of the day is prepared for the elderly homes and also for the Mera children’s day care program.



  •           4 caregivers
  •           1 social worker with bachelor degree 
  •         1 social care worker
  •           1 cook
  •           1 cleaning woman
  •            volunteers