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Social-Educational Programmes for children Print E-mail

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Day-Care Centers For Socially Disadvantaged Children



The Diakonia foundation takes responsibility for those who are marginalized in our society, the sick, the elderly and those children who are socially disadvantaged.  Projects have been generated with long term strategies in order to take into account the needs of the whole community.  We are not looking for ‘quick fix’ answers or results, but sustainable and less visible changes which are rooted in the heart of the community. These changes should touch main areas such as education, parenting, professionalism, work, family and active participation in society.

The day-care centers (social and educational centers) aim to find solutions for the following social problems:

  • Children of families with a low standard of living, who have difficulties integrating into the community and cannot meet the school requirements because of intellectual and social underdevelopment (those struggling with learning difficulties, attention deficit, concentration, social problems).
  • Poverty-stricken children living in substandard conditions. Children who have no possibility for support in completing their daily homework or who are physically underdeveloped due to poor diet.
  • A high number of dysfunctional families within the Roma community creating an unstable environment for the psycho-social development of the child.
  • Families who are at risk due to children being separated from parental care.
  • Children who, because of the school system have to repeat a school year and so do not study with their peers, or children who are at risk of school abandonment.

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We offer:

  • social assessment of families;

  • the identification of problems and risk factors;

  • individual needs assessment and intervention;

  • family counseling;

  • prevention of school abandonment through cooperation with parents and teaching staff;

  • promotion of acceptance by the local community;

  • children’s study supervision;

  • a daily hot nutritious meal;

  • health and hygiene education;

  • spiritual education;

  • extracurricular activities;

  • group skills activities;

  • involvement of Roma adults in the activities of the groups where the majority of the children are Roma.


Our Day-care Centers for the Support of Socially Disadvantaged Children 
in Cluj and Bihor counties:



505 torta - RO

Since 2013, we also offer summer kindergarten programs for at least 240 children in 10 different localities. The activities in the summer kindergarten programs last a month, alwazs in August.