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National and International Voluntary Service


We were there!

JourneyEU 3 

Fundaţia Creştină Diakonia as partner participated in the project entitled “Preparing for the Journey, Going to the deep!”, together with other 6 organisations, from Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Romania and Poland,  funded by the Erasmus+ programme,  which took place in Skoczow, Poland, between 7-12 November 2014.

 OBG 2013 3

The EVS coordinator of the voluntary programme represented Diakonia at this seminar, and contributed with her experience in EVS projects.


The aim of the seminar was future cooperation, building a network of organisations within Erasmus+ with the same vision. The programme offered numerous lectures and workshops about how to identify our vision, how to plan activities; about writing projects in Erasmus+; about EVS projects in particular; ideas for being present in mass media, how to speak in front of cameras when you promote a project, etc.

workshop      SO-HO-VOL expectations


Our hearts were delighted by the team-work programmes, games, a trip, and international evening where we had the opportunity to know better each other’s culture and food, and even some of their traditions. Thank you very much, Kościół Chrześcijan Baptystów w Zielonej Górze!

intercult evening with Marius      szeretik a mi kajankat

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"Together we can make the difference"


 SNV csoportkep



 Who is a volunteer?

Volunteer is anyone, who helps others from inner intention, without any force, he/she is working for a noble purpose, willing to do worthy service without expecting a payment for it.

Our main goal is: to provide those conditions that are based on spreading voluntary activity, making obvious the aims of voluntary programme of the Diakonia and it fund raising.

Voluntary work is more than a simple activity on a social field.


Further aims are:

  • to improve of the standards of the area where the volunteer does the activity;  to make the community feel the helping hand in the presence of the volunteer; to enlarge the group of people who undertake the responsibility for the needy
  • to provide the volunteer with possibility of acknowledging and realising the fact that s/he is an important person, is part of a community; people rely on him/her


No salary is given for voluntary work. The wage is, instead, the appreciation of the community and the society.


Who can be volunteers, our helpers?

All those, who:

  •  feel devoted to charity work
  •  take part in our foundation’s work with pleasure



Our volunteers’ attributions:

  • regular service in palliative care
  • task that can be accomplished both occasionally and regularly


In order that the volunteers can do their work, they have to be prepared properly. Besides our training, they get information and have to take part in formation courses on:

  • voluntary work, legislation on voluntary
  • the characteristics of elderly age
  • non-specialist care for elderly

Statistics for the year 2013:

  • number of our local volunteers: 106 people
  • our occasional local volunteers: 31 people
  • 22 volunteers have been sent to different working fields of the volunteer service to Hungary, Germany, Spain and Denmark
  • we were hosts in our programs for 15 volunteers sent for our partners in Gernmany, Hungary and France
  • age of volunteers: between 6 and 80 years